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    The main purpose of the Finnish-Estonian Trade Association is to promote trade and other commercial relations between Finland and Estonia. The target is to get more Finnish companies interested in the vast business opportunities Estonia offers.

    The members of the Association consist of Finnish companies and businessmen having business interests in Estonia. Big Finnish manufacturers of investment and consumer goods, producers of paper, metals and chemicals, providers of banking, financing, logistics, engineering and other services as well as importers of consumer goods are well presented among the members. Currently there are some 100 company or organization members.

    The Finnish-Estonian Trade Association is a registered association in Finland but, like most of the trade associations in Finland, is an independent body without official status. All the activities are based on voluntary work of members and the operation costs are covered by a membership fee.

    Secretarial and administrative function of the Association is taken care by Finland Chamber of Commerce.

    The normal way of working is to organize luncheon meetings, whereto guest speakers are invited to introduce subjects related to the Estonian market followed by free discussion on the subject. The guest speakers have been ambassadors or commercial counselors of Estonia accredited in Finland, Finnish embassy people accredited in Estonia, representatives of various ministries, university professors and business people from Finland and Estonia. During the meetings the members share their practical business experiences of Estonian market. Written general information addressed to the Association is distributed to the members.

    More information:
    Finnish-Estonian Trade Association
    c/o Finland Chamber of Commerce
    P.O. Box 1000, 00101 HELSINKI, Finland

    Tel. +358 9 4242 6228


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